How To Use The Girlfriend Activation System Obsession Story To Reel Her In On The First Date

So you want a girlfriend? Cool, man! But how are you going to achieve it? How are you going to go from not knowing her at all to turning her into your girlfriend?

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Because here’s the thing: if you want to turn a woman into your girlfriend, at some point you have to open up to her.

GFAS - Woman Falling In Love With A Man's Vision For The FutureIn fact, opening up to her needs to start on the very first date. Why? Because if you want her to obsess over you, then she needs to “invest” in you and feel the desire to be a part of your future.

Your life might suck. Your job might be boring as hell. But the last thing you want to do is express your frustrations to her and reveal just how bored and miserable you are with your current situation.

Maybe you’re hot as hell. Huge muscles. Big dick. Perfectly groomed all the time. Got money falling out of your pockets. Maybe you think all those things will be enough. That they’ll “do the work” for you.

The hard truth is this: when it comes to getting a girlfriend and actually getting an incredible woman to fall in love with you, those things simply don’t matter.

And neither do “pickup artist” tactics. Pickup artists don’t get girlfriends. So don’t try to be a “ladies man” and tell her how every woman wants you. All you’re doing is trying to prove to her that you’re good with women, which is a huge turn off because it only serves to reveal your insecurity.

Instead of trying to be a ladies man, opt to be a “man who likes ladies”. This type of man doesn’t try to prove anything. Instead, he shows women that he just likes spending time with them and tries to make them feel special and unique. That’s how you get a girlfriend.

If you want to really learn what gets women excited about a guy, you need to understand the Girlfriend Activation System obsession story. She has to buy into your vision for the future before she will ever want to be a part of that future. She needs to want to be a part of that future and want to help you turn it into reality.

Part of the female obsession story dictates that women are drawn to men who have a vision. A vision to be and do something great. That vision drives you. It’s why you wake up in the morning. It’s why you get excited about life.

When you have a vision and a mission in life, you don’t need a girlfriend to “complete” you or to save you. And that’s exactly what will make you the most attractive man to every single woman on the planet, and exactly what will make the woman you most strongly desire want to become your girlfriend.

When it comes to masculinity and being an “obsession worthy” man, always remember this, “Women want to be part of the adventure, they don’t want to BE the adventure”.

So when you find yourself in the middle of a date with a girl, speak with passion and enthusiasm about your future. It’s such a simple thing, but when you do it, she can’t resist envisioning herself in it.

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